Book an Appointment

How to book an appointment

There are 3 ways you can book an appointment:


You can make doctor or nurse appointments by phone. For a doctor’s appointment you can request a face-to face or a phone consultation. There are a limited number of face-to-face appointments and, should you have a telephone consultation, the doctor will offer you a face-to-face consultation at a later time if they think it is appropriate. It is helpful if you can give the receptionist a short resume of your problem as, in some cases, they may offer you a more appropriate clinician to a doctor’s appointment.

Our phone line opens at 8 am and your call will be automatically queued. The first 8 calls in the queue will be answered in turn. The remaining calls will be automatically queued and you can select to have callback. You DO NOT lose your place in the queue! You will receive an automatic call back, when it is your turn in the queue. It is helpful if you can avoid using your phone until you receive your call back. However, if your phone is engaged you will receive 2 further call backs. After that, you will no longer be in the queue and will need to ring back to the Practice.  You will be prioritised to the front of the queue if you call back on the same day from the same number.


A limited number of on the day and future appointments are available to be booked via the Apps. You can only book telephone appointments online. On the day appointments go live at 8 am. You can choose the location and doctor when booking.


You can book any type of appointment by attending either surgery in person. Our doors open at 8 am.  Again, it is helpful if you can give the receptionist a short resume of your problem as, in some cases, they may offer you a more appropriate clinician to a doctor’s appointment.

Doctor Booked Appointment

If a doctor wishes to see you for a further consultation, they can book you an appointment. They will normally advise you to ensure the date/ time is convenient. You will be able to see these appointments on the NHS or Patient Access Apps. In some cases, you may see ‘Admin FYI’ on the App. This is just a reminder to a doctor to review some aspect of your treatment. It Is NOT an appointment and you do not need to attend or wait for a phone call. If the doctor thinks it appropriate the they will advise of any follow up action.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment you can do it by of the means listed above, phone, online or, in person. Every appointment that you don't cancel costs the NHS £120 and denies fellow patients of an appointment.



Ther are a variety of ways to book an appointment. Sadly, most days we cannot offer all patients an on the day appointment. When our bookable appointments have been filled, our receptionists will try to offer an alternative solution. They are trained to recognise those cases that need immediate attention. So, it is important that you can give them an indication and urgency of your problem.

Book through Patient Access or the NHS App

Patient Access or the NHS App are online services that allows you to book appointments, order and view medication, and view immunisations, allergies and messages.


Book through calling Reception

If you are not signed up for Appointments Online, you can call Reception on 01844 344488 to book an appointment.