Immunised Suppressed Third Dose

4/1/2022 - If you had the third dose for people with severly weakened immune system, you'll be eligible for a booster from 3 months (91 days ) after your third dose. These can be arranged via the National Booking Service walk-in sites. PLEASE NOTE - if you have a letter from your GP or hospital specialist inviting you for either a 3rd dose or a booster following your third dose. (ie. the original letter) Then please take this with you to the walk-in clinic as proof. You may be turned away if you don't present this when asked.

We will be contacting patients who are on our list. Please call reception if you feel you are part of this group.



Covid Symptoms

The main symptoms include fever, a new and continuous cough, anosmia (loss of smell) and ageusia (loss of taste). Examples of other symptoms include, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, myalgia (muscle ache), sore throat, headache, nasal congestion (stuffy nose), runny nose, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

Covid Booster / Facebook Message

COVID 19 Booster Vaccinations

There is a national drive to urgently administer COVID booster vaccines to all adults. Over the festive period Unity Health and Cross Keys surgery will be working hard to deliver 1000’s of booster vaccines at our vaccination clinic in the Princes Risborough Community Centre (HP27 9AX).

Due to the urgency of this national task, we will be less able to deliver our normal GP services and we may need to contact you to postpone any pre-booked appointments but we will still be able to assist patients with urgent matters.

We have sent a text invites to all our patients aged over 18 and that have received their 2nd COVID vaccine more than 3 months ago. We will also be phoning those who do not have a mobile number saved to their medical record. We will be adding new clinics daily over the next couple of weeks and these will be appointments to book to have your vaccine within the next day or 2. If you click on the link and there are no available appointments or none at a time you can make, please keep checking the link morning, night and day and you will get booked in for the immediate future!!

 How can you help us?

Please book via the link you receive in our text invite ASAP. If you do not have a smart phone, please forward the link to someone with a smart phone who can book the appointment for you.

  1. If you have an appointment booked elsewhere, please check the link as we can most likely get you booked in sooner. If you would rather keep your appointment at another centre, please decline our invite by clicking on the link. This will allow us to manage how many patients we have left to vaccinate and how many staff to pull away from GP work to vaccinate in the clinic.
  2. If you are unsure if you can have the vaccine please still make an appointment, you will be pre-screened at your appointment and any concerns can be discussed with our clinical lead. Should we have any concerns that you should not be given a booster vaccine, we will arrange a referral to the appropriate service to investigate (Unity Health and Cross Key patients only).
  3. If you click on the link and there are no available appointments or none available at a time you can make, please keep checking the link morning, night and day and you will get booked in for the immediate future!!
  4. If you are unable to attend your COVID vaccine appointment please use the link the cancel and rebook ASAP, please try not to call reception to cancel your appointment, this will help prevent vaccine wastage.
  5. Lastly, please be patient with us, we are all trying our utmost best given the very difficult circumstances. Our receptionists are there to answer the phones, they may not have the answer to your vaccine query as the national guidance is fluid but they will pass your query on to the appropriate member of staff who will contact you ASAP, this is likely be a little longer than usual.

 Many Thanks for your ongoing support!

Latest News

Overseas Vaccine Record Validation Service

From 9th December 2021 a new service will be formally rolled out to capture evidence of COVID-19 vaccinations administered in countries outside of England and have these recorded in the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS).

Available through the National Booking Service on the NHS website – – eligible users can book a face-to-face appointment at their convenience to have their record updated if they have received one of the four MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) approved vaccine types:

  • Astra Zeneca (Vaxzevria)
  • Pfizer (Comirnaty)
  • Janssen
  • Moderna (Spikevax)

Support is also being provided through 119 to signpost to the service, or to make bookings on behalf of users.

Information on specific Vaccination Centre and Hospital Hub+ locations offering the service, and what is required as evidence to enable records to be updated, is provided as the service user makes and confirms an appointment.

Face-to-face appointments are necessary to ensure that evidence can be matched with a passport or UK Driving Licence and properly validated.

The rollout follows a successful pilot phase and should ensure that a larger number of records are updated without a need for GP involvement.



We are receiving a high number of queries about the NHS App.

Please note that if you had your vaccine outside England it will not appear on the NHS App. Only vaccines administered by the NHS in England will show.

If you had your vaccine in England and it is not showing on your NHS App, please call 119 or contact the vaccination centre that administered your vaccine to ask them to enter it onto the system for you. We are unable to add any vaccinations we have not given at Cross Keys onto the system.

The Princes Risborough vaccination site closed on 30th June 2021.

All vaccinations after this date will need to be booked via the national boooking service or 119.

National booking service - NHS Digital

Covid 19 App