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To all Cross Keys Patients

Please be aware that we are lucky enough to have other healthcare professionals working with us to help deliver your care. These include pharmacists, physiotherapists, mental health workers, social prescribers, health and well being coaches and care coordinators. These staff work across the practices (Cross Keys, Haddenham and Unity) in our primary care network and will have access to relevant parts of your medical record. Their roles are to help the surgery with patient care and assist the practice with patient specific medical needs. Their unique skill sets will help to complement the care your surgery provides. Please note that you may be called from a withheld number and that they can contact the relevant person in the practice to feedback on your care should the need arise.

We are very grateful to have them working alongside us at this busy time.

 The Cross Keys Partners

26/5/2022 - Is my doctor able to expedite my appointment/tests/surgery/follow up?

Secondary care, like primary care is currently under extreme pressures due to increased demand, an ageing population and the pandemic, which is unfortunately far from over in terms of workload.

There are long waiting times for outpatient appointments, follow ups, scans, tests and surgery.

There are no special telephone lines or email addresses that GPs have access to in order to reach consultants to discuss waiting times.  On the odd occasion where it becomes possible to speak to someone directly, the first question the GP is asked is to find another patient on the same waiting list whose needs are less than their patient.

Urgent slots are such that those who are occasionally moved forward into them are at greater risk of late cancellation, e.g. previous or same day due to the needs of a patient with an immediately life-threatening problem.

At Cross Keys we sympathise a great deal with our patients who are on waiting lists and can help in lots of other ways with regards to pain relief and practical and emotional support but we are regrettably not able to expedite secondary care processes.


As of the 7th of June 2022, the practice will be implementing a new protocol for how we deal with urgent prescription requests.

Due to an increasing number of requests for repeat prescriptions to be issued urgently i.e. on the same day or less than 48 hours, we have had to review how we handle these requests in order to provide a safe and consistent service to all our patients.

Requests for prescriptions outside the normal prescription protocol impacts significantly on both doctor and administration staff time, meaning there is less availability to a doctor for other patients and a higher risk of a prescribing error occurring.

We require 3 full working days for prescriptions. Please try to order your medications in good time in case of unexpected delays.

Many medications can be safely missed for a few days. We will not issue urgent prescriptions for items that can be brought over the counter, or for non-essential medication, and you may be informed that your medication will be processed following the normal repeat prescription process. If your medication cannot be missed the item requested will be issued.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate that you may find this frustrating. This step has been implemented as a necessity to make sure we can prescribe a safe service to all our patients.

This process will be continually reviewed and updated as need.


19/4/2022 - 9.30am  - We have computer issues due to a BT issuse which is being investigated. If your call is non-urgent then please call this afternoon or tomorrow. Thank you. 20/4 issues seems to have been resoleved. We are currently monitoring the situation. 22/4 no further issues reported.  


If you are eligible to receive a Spring Covid Booster please book this through the national booking system online or by phoning 119. At present we are not offering these at the Coommunity Centre in Princes Risborough but will communicate if this changes - 08/4 Awaiting dates to book  

14/04/2022 - we have today sent text invites out to our eligiable patients. Please use the link to in the text to book your appointment and do not call the surgery as we won't be able to book you into the Community Centre. 

22/3/2022 - If you are eligible for a Spring Covid Booster please book this through the national booking system online or by phoning 119. At present we are not offering these boosters at the community centre but will communicate if this changes.

4/3/2022 - please be advised that the 2022/23 flu season will not include healthy 50 to 64 year old patients.

26/1/2022 - Usual GP lists - Please be advised that we will be changing some of the usual GP lists as we are balancing out the workload across the Doctors. As patients, you are registered with the Cross Keys Practice and not individual GPs. 

Please note these changes will be made within the next few days so may find that your normal GP has changed.

21/12/2021 - FIT NOTES (From 27th January 2022 the below will revert to 7 days - sick link below)

Employees can take time off work if they’re ill. They need to give their employer proof if they’re ill for more than 28 days.

If they started their sick leave before 10 December 2021, they must give proof if they’ve been ill for more than 7 days.

If they’re ill just before or during their holiday, they can take it as sick leave instead.

Taking sick leave - GOV.UK (

15/12/2021 - We now have some Covid booster vaccination appointments at the Community Centre in Princes Risborough. If you are over 18 years old and have not received your Covid booster vaccination please book using the link we have sent you or if you have not received a link, please telephone the surgery to book in.

13/12/2021 - we are now able to take change of usual GP requests.

6/12/2021 - Flu vaccine still available. Please call reception. 

23/11/2021 - We now have limited stock of under 65 flu vaccine. Please contact reception after 10.30am to book an appointment. 

Available appointments online or phone for 27th November and 7th December Chinnor. Please contact reception for other dates.  


15/11/2021 - The above was resolved at 8.55am

8/11/2021 We are sorry to announce that currently we have no under 65 vaccines avaible for patients to book. We only have enough stock to cover the appointments we have booked on the system.

6/11/2021 email sent out

Dear Patient

Saturday 6th November – Risborough surgery Flu ONLY clinic 

We still have spaces for OVER 65 only in the above clinic so please call the surgery. 

Covid Booster update (Princes Risborough Community Centre)

We are now fully booked up to 18th November 2021 and are currently planning further clinic on either Tuesday 30th November 2021 or Wednesday 1st December 2021. Still to be confirmed. 

NHS booking site message - Booster dose

In some cases it can take up to 6 months and 1 week (190 days) before you'll be able to book online.

Please keep trying to book online until 6 months and 1 week (190 days) after your 2nd dose of the vaccine. If you are still not able to book a booster dose, please call 119 and choose the booking service.

Staff update

Dr Goldie-Brammer will be away from the surgery from 1st December 2021 to 31st March 2022 and her patients will be covered by a locum GP. 

We are sad to announce that Dr Keane will be leaving us to join another practice in Hertfordshire and we would like to wish him well in his new role.

Dr Keran will be joining the practice on 1st December and will take over Dr Keane’s current list. Dr Keran will work 6 sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Dr Cumberworth – will drop to 2 sessions a week, but will only consult with patients on the day.

We are still recruiting another GP to help with the current workload. 

Calling the surgery

We are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls to the surgery which we are monitoring. This has put immense pressure onto the reception team who are working extremely hard to manage the extra workload. Please bear this in mind and be polite when you call the surgery. If possible, can you please use the online appointments system to book or order your repeats or message the surgery. 

The NHS App or AskFirst App are useful place to check your symptoms before calling the surgery. We do appreciate this isn’t for all patients.

Kind Regards

Cross Keys Practice  

22/10/2021 we are still experiencing intermittent problems with online appts - repeat prescriptions - please see the prescription tab at the top of the page for alternative ways to order - we apologies for any inconvenience this is causing, bu.t unfortunately we have not control over this specific issue.

11/10/2021 - Online appointments - We are still experiencing issues with online appointsment system and the ability to order repeat prescriptions. This has been reported and we are currenlty waiting for this to be resolved which may take a few days. Sorry this is outside of our control.  

21/10 aboive is no fixed

11/10/2021 - Usual GP requests

Please be advised that due to GP changes at the surgery we are unable to process any usual GP request forms. We expect this will stay in place until Feb 2022. Thank you. 

04/10/21 Computer system

Our computer systems are now back up and running. Due to high demand we are only able to deal with urgent appointments today. Thank you for your support.


Please be aware that we have a major IT issue today which BT are working on. Please only call if you have an emergency on the day. We will update as soon as we know any further information. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this is causing but the issue is outside our control.


Please note out appointment online system is currentluy down and not expected to be back up until Tuesday 5/10/21 at the earliest. 


We are pleased to announce that Unity Health and Cross Keys will be providing the covid booster programme at the Princes Risborough community centre. We plan to start inviting patients via text and phone calls later this week.

27/09/21 Flu vaccinations

We are pleased to announce that we have had confirmation of our flu vaccine delivery. Therefore we are now able to offer flu vaccination appointments to all our patients aged 50 and over. We are also able to offer appointments to our patients aged 18 and over who are at risk. These appointments can be booked online, if you are signed up to appointments online, by selecting 'adult flu clinic' or via reception. Our first available clinic is Saturday 2nd October.

We are also offering the nasal flu vaccine to our patients aged 2 and 3 with dates of birth between 01.09.2017 and 31.08.2019. These can be booked via reception.